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Work Permits

Steps to Obtaining a Work Permit

NOTE:  You need to get a job BEFORE you get a work permit

To obtain a work permit, please click on the link below and follow the instructions.

Online Work Permit Application in OUSD

Or go to the Oakland Unified School District, (OUSD) website:

  • From there, go to the tab "Student and Families” 

  • Select Student Work Permits

  • Follow the instructions on how to obtain a work permit.

Ms. Odom will work with the Linked Learning Office to review the completed form and, if appropriate, issue a work permit.

Ms. Odom will notify the student if and when the work permit application is approved. The student must pick up the work permit from Ms. Odom’s Office (Room 306).

The student must sign the work permit and submit the document to his/her employer. 

Please reach out to Ms. Odom if you have questions.

Email Ms. Odom

For more detailed information, review the below Slide Presentation

How to Apply for a Work Permit for OUSD Students