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Community Agreements

Castlemont Community Agreements

The Castlemont Community Agreements represent the behaviors we would like to see all Castle students and staff display.  Adherence to these agreements helps us maintain a safe and orderly environment, focused on learning, our first priority.  These Agreements were developed through a process led by a group of student leaders, whose goal was to establish a standard of respect, accountability, and success among the Castle community.

Always be productive.

  • Be accountable for your own learning and honor others’ opportunity to learn.

Use positive language.

  • No teasing, bullying, profanity, or insults

Respect people’s boundaries and space.

  • No instigating, fighting, or harassing others, in person or on social media.

Respect school and other people’s property.

  • Keep our campus safe, clean, and welcoming.

Follow rules and directions of all staff.