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Special Education Inclusion Program

What is SPED Inclusion?

The SPED Inclusion program at Castlemont gives students with Individual Education Plans (IEP's) the opportunity to learn alongside their general education peers in all core classes, English, math, science, and history.  Classes are co-taught by the core subject teacher and a special education teacher who ensures students receive the lesson modifications and accommodations they need.

Pull out services are also available for extra support with testing or assignments, or for additional help in reading and math.

Benefits of Inclusion

  • SPED students take general education classes
  • SPED teachers help develop lessons that allow all students to be successful
  • SPED students graduate in the general education program
  • There is no segregation of SPED students from general education students

Impact of Inclusion at Castlemont

Students in our Inclusion Program have experienced:

  • A 28% increase in college eligibility over 3 years
  • Multiple years growth in reading proficiency
  • Participation in dual college enrollment program at the rate of 21% in 2019
  • A reduction in office referrals
  • A reduction in suspensions
  • A 15% reduction in dropout rates of SPED students

Among general education teachers who work with a co-teacher:

  • 86% report that co-teaching has had a positive impact on their teaching
  • 86% say inclusion has a positive impact on general education students

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