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9th Grade Program

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9th Grade Program

For incoming 9th grade students, the 9th Grade House at Castlemont offers a robust academic program that is a transitional bridge from middle school to high school. Castlemont's 9th graders participate in a summer bridge program prior to their first day of highs chool, and will complete four A-G courses in their 9th grade year:

  • Ethnic Studies
  • Sustainable Urban Energy
  • Algebra I
  • English I

Additionally, students in 9th grade take the majority of their classes in a single building, giving students the opportunity to build strong and lasting relationships with their class within a safe, nurturing and supportve environment. Community building and social emotional support activities include:

  • 9th Grade Bridge and Orientation - Engagement starts in summer and becomes a mandatory after school program for the first two weeks of high school where students receive class credits and a grade for participating in team building & academic skill development classes.
  • Knights of the Round Table - All 9th graders meet together every other week to participate in team building activities, receive school updates, review grades, celebrate successes and build leadership skills.
  • PASS-2 - 9th grade students receive mentorship from upperclassmen and college and career guidance via workshops offered in classes.
  • Young Women's Support Groups - our young ladies are offered the opportunity to join several Girls groups that focus on young women’s growth, development and skills for success.
  • OK Program - All young Black Men in 9th grade will receive adult male leadership and be offered opportunities for leadership development themselves.  
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